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For years I’ve purchased large bottles of Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke (depending on my mood). Little did I know what kind of destruction one could cause. And, you think I’m kidding! I’m not!

Last night while my husband and I were watching the Eagles Farewell One Tour on TV (Yes, we’ve already established I’m old. And, yes, the Eagles are the best band ever…but I digress) we heard a LOUD explosion. My husband assumed it was a shotgun blast (We do live in the boonies) but it was a Diet Pepsi Lime bottle! The entire bottom blew out of it!

What a joy to see two liters of Diet Pepsi Lime all over the wall, ceiling and floor. Thank goodness, it was in the laundry room/pantry! Don’t you think if a product can explode on your shelf, the manufacturer should provide a warning label? I can’t be the only one this has ever happened to, can I?

Marketing Tip: Warn your customers about the adverse effects of your product before they learn the hard way. I now store the Diet Pepsi under a pine tree outside until it’s time for the refrigerator.
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If you’re already in the real estate market as a corporate landlord, or agent, chances are you will already have your own website. If you’re new to corporate letting and have a single property to let, is having a site worth it?

The short answer is yes, definitely.

As a corporate landlord, you won’t be trying to compete with the big boys. You will be concentrating on carving your individual niche within which you can extoll the virtues of your property and get clients into it.

A website is the simplest, most effective form of marketing there is right now. A decent website, written well and publicized properly is a 24/7 window to the world. It can answer questions, promote your corporate property, take bookings and show off all day, every day.

A marketing website for your corporate property is a great first contact for potential clients. It can entice them with great descriptions, photographs and even virtual video tours. If you do it right, the website can offer an experience almost as good as actually being there. If you don’t believe that, visit any good realtor’s website and see for yourself.

It can also give information about the local area, neighborhood, towns and cities as well as recreational activities and amenities around the property.

By offering rich resources, local information and anything else relevant, you remove barriers between the potential client and the booking. Going the extra mile and offering value-add features to the site will give the appearance of someone who cares about their tenants and their property. That still makes a difference in the eyes of many businesses.

Costs of Having Your Own Site

By having your own website, you save money on having your advertisement hosted somewhere else. A large part of being a landlord is marketing. Getting tenants into properties is hard work, and requires a lot of effort. Advertising will take up a large proportion of your day and having a website will offset much of that.

It won’t eradicate it altogether as you have to promote the site, but it makes the job an awful lot easier.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a website designed. You could even learn how to do it yourself. Use a platform like WordPress and much of the hard work is done for you. You can also buy a ready-made template which you can just modify to suit your needs. It doesn’t have to be flash, or technically advanced, it just needs to be clear, attractive and allow visitors to explore freely, check availability and be able to contact you quickly.

Any real estate agent will tell you, half of doing business in the corporate rentals market is getting the right clients. To get them you have to market and advertise in the right places. Having your own website is the least of these things, but it’s also the cheapest, and the easiest to implement.