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For years I’ve purchased large bottles of Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke (depending on my mood). Little did I know what kind of destruction one could cause. And, you think I’m kidding! I’m not!

Last night while my husband and I were watching the Eagles Farewell One Tour on TV (Yes, we’ve already established I’m old. And, yes, the Eagles are the best band ever…but I digress) we heard a LOUD explosion. My husband assumed it was a shotgun blast (We do live in the boonies) but it was a Diet Pepsi Lime bottle! The entire bottom blew out of it!

What a joy to see two liters of Diet Pepsi Lime all over the wall, ceiling and floor. Thank goodness, it was in the laundry room/pantry! Don’t you think if a product can explode on your shelf, the manufacturer should provide a warning label? I can’t be the only one this has ever happened to, can I?

Marketing Tip: Warn your customers about the adverse effects of your product before they learn the hard way. I now store the Diet Pepsi under a pine tree outside until it’s time for the refrigerator.
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